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Davon Wilson aka Jasper Dolphin is a American rapper and is one of the original members of Odd Future. He is considered a non-musical member, yet he does make many appearances on many of the groups' release. Tyler considers him his best friend as they've been friends for 6 years. Jasper is known for his skateboarding skills and a active skateboarder.

Guest AppearancesEdit

I Smell PantiesEdit

  • Bapes
  • Bring Hi Hat In
  • Hi to Me
  • Lilo Fucks Stitch
  • Lisa


  • Tina


  • Round and Round
  • Swag Me Out


  • Bitch Suck Dick

The Odd Future Tape Vol. 2Edit

  • We Got Bitches
  • Oldie

Loiter SquadEdit

Jasper appears in Loiter Squad as he has a main role in the show, including Taco, Tyler, and Lionel.