Vyron Dalyan Turner aka Left Brain is an American rapper, producer, and photographer from Los Angeles. He is one of the producers of OFWGKTA. He is also one-half of MellowHype, along with Hodgy Beats.

Music CareerEdit

Before joining OFWGKTA, Brain, Hodgy Beats, and MellowHype released two albums, YelloWhite and BlackenedWhite. Left Brain is featured on the interent debut album, Purple Naked Ladies, the single, "Cocaine" and "Lincoln".

Legal IssuesEdit

While peforming at Voodoo Experience Feastival in New Orleans, Left Brain slapped photographer's camera off them after member, Tyler started a rant about his dislike of photographers, one said she was taking legal action and Left Brain apologized.

He is currently dating singer cristina milian.

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